Organizing, Decluttering & Downsizing

If the clutter is overwhelming, you are downsizing or you want to prepare your house to sell, I can guide you through the process and do the heavy lifting. There are various ways we can streamline your home. However, the best approach is the one that feels right for you. And, that’s the one I will recommend we use.

Whether it’s a single room, garage, basement or an entire house, we (or I alone) can create orderly spaces that fit the way you want to live in your existing home or the home to which you will be moving. And, it will be organized in a way that can be maintained easily by you and your family.

So where will all the unwanted clutter and unneeded items go? My typical sources are:  donation shops, consignment shops, Craig’s List, S.C.R.A.P., Freecycling, E-Cycling, regular recyling, bulk trash and sometimes “regular” trash (for those few item that are truly unusable and not recyclable). The choice will be yours.

Redesigning & Decorating

After learning about you and your family and hearing what is “working” and “not working” in your home, I can literally transform your space – typically using furnishings you already have. If in the process, we determine that additional decorating steps are needed to achieve the space you desire, I’m well experienced to guide you in the selection and purchase of paint, window treatments, flooring, lighting, furniture and storage solutions. I also have various resources for refinishing, restoring and reupholstering furniture. Need artwork hung — one piece or a grouping? Consider it done! The goal at the end of the day is a harmonious home in a style that’s comfortable for you.

Project Management

Have home improvement projects you’re eager to accomplish but don’t have the time or inclination to get them off the ground? I can help you determine what needs to be repaired and updated and then hire, coordinate and supervise contractors to get the work done. Since my 1930s Tudor rowhome had to undergo major renovations due to undetected water and termite damage, I have firsthand experience working with various contractors. And, I know quality work when I see it. I can manage the process, from start to finish, and be that extra set of eyes making sure everything is done correctly and concisely.

Whether you need a roofer, electrician, plumber, painter, floor refinisher, carpet installer, carpet or upholstery cleaner, clock repairer, tree-removal service or an all-around handyman, I have an extensive list of trusted contractors and trades people, I can call in for the job — at a reasonable price.

Home Staging

If you are selling your home, it’s no secret that it needs to appeal to potential buyers. Working with you and your real estate agent, I can stage your home to make this happen — generally using what you already have. The key is in the arrangement — to maximize the space and light in your home and show off key architechtural features. And, I’m happy to say that my clients see the return on investment. The end result will be a home that welcomes people in—and gets you offers!

 Call me at 443-977-9849 to schedule a consultation.

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