Real Clients Say It Best

“Mary is a talented designer and organizer who can arrange spaces that maximize one’s existing furnishings.”  Valerie K.


“It was a productive pleasure to contract with Mary to assist me with my task of downsizing, organization and distribution of items. She was very sensitive to the emotional and physical challenges of the many tasks at hand. Mary was prompt, creative, resourceful and highly results-oriented. I have recommended her to friends and colleagues without hesitation and will not hesitate to contract with her again as needed.”  Ann M.


“Mary is a home design wizard….she has an eye for detail and really got to know me and my needs so that my personality and style, not hers, were reflected in her work.  It is obvious that this is her niche in life.  She becomes absorbed and energized in her work and the results are amazing!”  Nancy A.


“I don’t think there is any issue related to my historic home that Mary can’t resolve.  She sees the big picture and the important details.  While I initially hired her to do a simple garage/basement organizing job, it became clear very quickly that she could handle so much more.  I am delighted to have Mary’s assistance with the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of our house.”  Deborah G.


“What words describe Mary? She’s an organizer, personal assistant, life saver, director and a consultant who knows what to do, where to place things, what is trash, what is treasure, why it stays and why it goes. She has insight that few people possess. She just has a way of walking into a room and “seeing” how it should be. She listens, she suggests, she recommends and eventually she ‘wins’     . . . hahaha! She has taken my life and helped me achieve Zen!”  Debbi B.


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